The Ormond Tower Amendment (c170) was finally published today. It is frankly an abomination! Here is a rundown of the lowlights –

  • The area is now zoned as a Comprehensive Development Zone with its own schedule
  • Parking allocations are minimalist and well below what is required
  • Height limits are NOT mandatory
  • The Minister retains control over everything – no third party objection rights
  • The ‘development plan’ is nothing more than politspeak and in our view hardly qualifies as a decent planning document that residents can have faith in. (Uploaded HERE)
  • New clauses introduced into the planning scheme reinforce all of the above nonsense – ie Clause 21.04 now includes – Recognise the opportunity for landmark built form, on strategic redevelopment sites made available through the removal of a level crossing, to establish a new character whilst maintaining neighbourhood amenity
  • It should also be noted that the Minister has not released the report upon which his decision is supposedly based!

The following screen dumps summarise the amendment –



What this augurs for Bentleigh & McKinnon is anyone’s guess!