Council is making much of the fact that in its current draft structure plans many areas now zoned for 4 storeys will be reduced to either 3 storeys or 2 storeys. They claim that in Bentleigh alone this ‘revision’ equals ten hectares. This figure is completely misleading since it does not reveal what has already happened.

In Bentleigh, part of the new vision is to rezone Mitchell and Robert Streets from 4 storeys to 3 storeys (light green) but at the same time to ‘upgrade’ another 10 properties from 2 to 3 storeys (light blue).

The light green changes are then included, we presume, in the calculation of council’s magnanimous reduction of 10 hectares worth of properties. If only it were so! The image below shows the current situation in Mitchell and Robert Streets. The yellow infill represents 4 storey developments already being built or with permits grants. The total land area these developments occupy is 0.89 hectares. We have not bothered to calculate other areas of Bentleigh. We simply highlight the fact that once again council’s figures need to be taken with a huge grain of salt!