Why is it that Port Phillip, Bayside and Kingston councils can publish the progress on the Elster Creek Catchment flooding mitigation project and Glen Eira is silent – apart from seeking councillor endorsement for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in June 2017?

These other councils have had no qualms in letting their residents know that:

  • A community forum was held
  • An action plan has been devised
  • CEOs have met several times

In Glen Eira all of this remains secret. Since Glen Eira is the major ‘culprit’ as the Elster Creek Catchment covers huge areas of the municipality, one would have thought that Glen Eira residents should at the very least be kept up to date with what is happening. Yet, there was nothing up on council’s website regarding the recent community forum. There is nothing in the minutes regarding the proposed ‘action plan’. Why the silence and why when we have again had more recent flooding is there this reluctance to give this issue the attention it deserves?

Here is the link to the Port Phillip data – http://portphillip.vic.gov.au/E135525_17__Action_Plan_Elster_Creek_Catchment_-_FINAL_Oct_2017.pdf

And uploaded HERE is the report on the community forum.