The following images are the result of an FOI application. They depict the overshadowing at the Winter Solstice for Carnegie. What is staggering about these images is:

  • Residents living in these areas will resemble moles. Building after building will be in total shadow for most of the day in winter
  • Despite what council promised in the following, it is clearly not so – Protect the future open space at Egan and Woorayl Streets, in accordance with Council’s Open Space Strategy, with no overshadowing for a minimum of 5 hours at the September Equinox (9am to 2pm achieved) and 3 hours at Winter Solstice (11am to 2pm achieved). (Officer’s report – 27/2/2018 – when the structure plan was voted in)
  • These images have not been made available to residents by council. The FOI application did not yield any shadow diagrams for Elsternwick – yet councillors voted to go ahead with structure planning that is clearly so deficient and so contradictory to what the spin suggests.
  • We also have to wonder how accurate these diagrams are – ie permits already exist for 12 and 13 storeys in Egan and Woorayl streets. What impact would these buildings have on overshadowing? Why aren’t they included in the diagrams
  • The images depict 5 and 8 storeys alongside Rosstown. This is NOT what the adopted structure plan included. Hence two possibilities – council has been ‘forced’ to change its plans, or what is depicted here is once again a total work of fiction! Regardless, it is obvious that for the winter months at least, Carnegie residents might as well forget about direct sunlight for most of the day!