The article presented below comes from Sunday’s Age. We feature this for several reasons:

  • At least some Kingston councillors are not averse to saying enough is enough. Contrast this with our councillors where not a single word has been said about the rate of (over)development in Glen Eira.
  • Density has never been mentioned in Glen Eira. Yet we are already the most dense municipality behind Melbourne, Port Phillip, and Stonnington. And these three councils of course have got special circumstances that account for their densities ie zoning of Capital City, tourist areas, and much larger commercial zones than Glen Eira. Exacerbating the issue is that Glen Eira has the least amount of public open space per population in the state! Another reason why density becomes even more important.
  • If council’s stated population growth target of approx 180,000 residents by 2036 eventuates, then our density will climb to well over 4,600 residents per square km. That figure rivals, and surpasses many other major world cities. Unsustainable of course given our aged infrastructure.

The take home message for residents is that it is high time that our councillors stopped being lap dogs to the Department and Government and actually stood up for residents and said ‘enough is enough’ as Kingston has done!