The East Village Planning Panel has now been going for over a week and will continue until this Friday. Barristers, solicitors, expert witnesses abound. There are also reps from the VPA, Council, and landowners. The most disappointing aspect is that only 4 residents have decided to show up and present their submissions directly to the Panel. It is admittedly an onerous task given that people would be required to give up a working day, plus plough through at least 6000 pages of documentation.

What is clear thus far is:

  • The developer/landowners do not want MANDATORY conditions placed upon them which would prevent more than 3000 dwellings. They also do not agree with mandatory shadow conditions that would impact on the height(s) of the buildings
  • The developer/landowners want a reduction in the infrastructure costs potentially saving them millions (bearing in mind that the 1.2 hectare school site has been paid for by the State Government). A great windfall we say. So money comes in and the developer is still arguing to pay less.
  • Council on the other hand appears to be quite happy with 3000 apartments as a mandatory condition despite the lack of public transport and the already congested surrounding arterial roads.

The Panel Report will definitely make for interesting reading!