One of council’s advertised documents is supposed to represent overshadowing possibilities and how the proposed heights will not (greatly) impact on open space during the proposed time slots. We have concentrated on the winter solstice times (see below)


According to the above diagrams, there is no real problem in terms of overshadowing with heights of 8 and 12 storeys. Yet it was an entirely different story a year or so back.

Presented below are overshadowing diagrams that were obtained via an FOI application. They show the winter solstice projections BUT with building heights of 5 storeys fronting much of Rosstown Road. Amendment C157 changed all this. We no longer have 5 storeys here but 8 and 12 storeys. Thus since the heights have dramatically increased, then so will the length of shadow.

These two sets of diagrams raise some crucial questions:

  • Can we believe this latest effort given what was previously shown?
  • Is council merely producing results that support their predetermined decision making?
  • Why is there no overshadowing emphases on private property in the proposed amendment?

Residents really need to challenge every scrap of paper that comes out of this council for:

  • Accuracy
  • Relevant detail
  • Comprehensiveness
  • And dare we say it? – ‘honesty’

Finally, it is also worth commenting upon that various councillors have got up in chamber and argued against the wedding cake setback arrangements for countless developments in the municipality. The proposed setbacks fly in the face of these arguments given that everything will now be ‘wedding cake’ in Glen Eira according to this amendment.