The Car Parking Management Plan for the whole of the land states that for major events the following car parking spots within the racecourse are available (from page 6 of the Plan) – Kambrook Road entrance (674 spaces); Guineas Car park (536 spaces) and centre of the racecourse (3000 spaces). The claim is that all of these are sufficient to cater for demand – especially for the Caravan and Camping Show which draws the largest crowds and puts the greatest demand on car parking spaces.

It’s a pity that the consultants haven’t included a full and accurate picture of what actually happens with the Kambrook and Guineas car parks during the Caravan and Camping Show. They disappear and are replaced (of course) with caravans and camping gear. That means that 1210 sp0aces that the MRC is banking on to support its unsupportable claims do NOT EXIST. Where these 1210 cars end up is obvious – in all quiet surrounding residential streets!

The map below (for all those who haven’t driven past the grounds) provides a clear picture of the nonsense that is contained within the Parking Management Plan.