2015 has definitely been a very mixed bag. Here is our summation –

The Positives

  • The resignation of Andrew Newton and another senior bureaucrat.
  • The fallout from the residential zones is now obvious to all and councillors are feeling the pressure
  • A far more enlightened and knowledgeable electorate on planning
  • 2016 is an election year.
  • Rate capping imposed

The Negatives

  • Further evidence in recent days of a dysfunctional and divided council
  • Major travesties of justice and continued ignoring of community – Frogmore, the MRC and C60 developments, Caulfield Park conservatory, destruction of street after street as a result of the new zones
  • Ratepayer funds spent on disseminating lies and propaganda as damage control – ie the 11 cents flyer
  • Voting cliques
  • No tree register
  • No amendments to curb overdevelopment & no review of planning scheme
  • No consistency in councillors’ arguments
  • Deplorable governance continues
  • Sub standard officer reports
  • Pavilions that continue to come in well over budget – Duncan MacKinnon for one.

We have undoubtedly ignored plenty of other events/issues that could have been included in the above. Please feel free to add your own.

Finally, thank you to all our readers and contributors and thank you again to our council for it is they who provide the multitude of fodder for our analyses. We are pretty optimistic about the future and the potential for major change and improvement. As the following says – it has started but still a long way to go before we get a fully transparent and accountable council. That in the end will depend on voters and candidates who do give a damn about residents.