We will provide a full report on the ‘debate’ surrounding the Planning Scheme Review in the next day or so. In the meantime residents should take note of the resolution which was passed by all councillors except Magee (and his mental gymnastics are astounding!)

Pilling moved to accept the Planning Scheme Review Report as recommended but with the addition that council ask the Minister to introduce ‘interim height controls’ for the Activity Centres of Bentleigh and Carnegie. This was seconded by  Lipshutz.

COMMENT – residents should note: (1) Elsternwick is omitted, and (2) this is NOT A REQUEST FOR INTERIM MANDATORY HEIGHT LIMITS, BUT FOR PREFERRED HEIGHT LIMITS! Quite astonishing given that the Minister has power to impose a mandatory interim control. Further, residents are again not privy to what council will be requesting from the Minister since this will be done under Section 20(4) of the Planning and Environment Act, meaning that there will be NO PUBLIC CONSULTATION WHATSOEVER! We believe that this is a neat ploy to once again sidestep the community and to have the Minister as a ready scapegoat! If council was really concerned about heights in its activity centres then it would have requested that all activity centres be included and that the height limits be mandatory. Once again, smoke and mirrors is the modus operandi of Glen Eira City Council and its councillors!