A short, preliminary report on last night’s lengthy council meeting.

Item 9.1 (19 storey Kooyong Road application) created a first in Glen Eira. Instead of cramming scores of the public into the chamber, this item was moved into the larger hall with councillors and officers up on the dias and supplied with microphones. As expected, the application was unanimously refused. Delahunty moved an amendment that should the developer decide to go to VCAT, then council would be asking the Minister for Planning to ‘call the application in’. This effectively means that it is the Minister who would, under these circumstances, be making the decision.

Following this item the meeting resumed back in the chamber. Many residents were present to hear the outcome of the parking restriction items – especially those streets around the Caulfield Hospital. In line with previous meetings there was the suspension of standing orders for the gallery to ask questions for 15 minutes. Council and councillors received the most scathing criticism from several people for their failure to consult, to be transparent, and to employ basic common sense. Delahunty did apologise on behalf of council for not consulting when this issue of changing the 2 hour parking layouts occurred. The report and the final decision (to basically do nothing except wait some more) resulted in many residents walking out in disgust.

This issue has now been allowed to continue for at least 9 months. We remind readers that council’s so called ‘policy’ states that parking decisions will be made with a survey of the streets involved. This was not done, and it is not being done now. Please refer to our previous posts for details and how other council approach such issues –




For the nth time a request for a report by Taylor on the possibility of community gardens was passed unanimously. Terrific stuff, since this issue has been around since 2003!

We will provide a far more detailed summary of the ‘debates’ in the days ahead.