We continue our analysis of the Urban Design document and remain astounded at the continued lack of accurate information this contains, plus the failure to provide all the necessary data to provide readers with the opportunity to make fair and objective comparisons.

The screen dump provided below is supposed to represent a matrix of ‘comparable’ developments.


What is not stated in this matrix, or what is completely misleading is the following:

  • McKinnon and Ormond stations can only be less than 2km away if we interpret this measurement as meaning ‘as the crow flies’. Driving or walking distance is well over 2km for both McKinnon and Ormond. Nor is there any commentary from the other documents as to where all these potential residents are to park their cars at either of these stations!
  • Left out of the matrix is the summary that the French example also has ‘light Rail and Metro running through the precinct linking it to other parts of the city’. Nor is the 35 hectares of public open space highlighted! This equates to 23.33% of the entire site being public open space in contrast to the Virginia Estate proposals of approximately 1.25% open space if we’re working on an area of 3000-4000 square metres in total.
  • The residential density for this French site would also amount to 33 dwellings per hectare in contrast to the Estate’s proposals of 125 dwellings (and that’s working on the stated 3000 dwellings which we predict will be much higher)
  • The Alphington Mills development is also well blessed with public transport – ie It is approximately 1.5kms from Fairfield station and 850m from Alphington station, and is well connected to the bus network.
  • What is not revealed in this matrix, or anywhere, about Alphington is that of the proposed 2500 dwellings, the vast majority are to be no more than 4 storeys in height! The 2013 Development Plan for the site only has one small corner fronting Heidelberg Road at 14 storeys. The Yarra council commenting on the revised Development Plan had this to say – Council was pleased that the DPO secured maximum building heights of three to four storeys for 70% of the site” (https://www.yarracity.vic.gov.au/the-area/yarras-future/alphington-paper-mill-site-redevelopment/development-plan-overlay). This then begs the question as to why Virginia Estate is destined, according to the drafts, to have approximately 85% of the entire 24 hectare site geared up for 8 storeys!!!!!! And of course, with no strategic justification whatsoever for these proposed heights!
  • We’ve already commented in our previous post on the nonsense that is stated about the Caulfield Village development.
  • There are plenty of other ‘errors’ as well. For example: 324 Centre Road (page 11) is not 9 storeys. VCAT granted a permit for 8 storeys. Whilst perhaps a trivial example, we repeat that there can be no excuse for incorporating statements and information which is untrue, inaccurate and hence misleading – especially when such facts have been known for ages!

Here is part of the gazetted Development Plan for the Alphington project. Please note carefully the size of the various height proposals and how much is destined for 2-4 storeys!