A new application has just come in for a 14 storey building in Elsternwick –

10-16 Selwyn Street ELSTERNWICK VIC 3185

Proposal: Demoltiion (sic) of existing buildings; Use of the land for office and shop purposes; construction of mutli-storey buildings (up to 14 storeys in height), reduction in statutory car parking requirements and use of the land to sell packaged liqour on land affected by the Heritage Overlay

This is another example of woeful and inadequate planning by Council. Elsternwick does not even have interim height guidelines to provide a modicum of protection until the structure plans are all in place. We can only speculate as to why Elsternwick, a MAJOR ACTIVITY CENTRE, was left in the lurch and not included with the amendments for Bentleigh and Carnegie. Was it because council had already made up its mind that Elsternwick was to be set up as the high rise centre of Glen Eira?

Currently the abutting sites are zoned as RGZ – ie 4 storeys and 13.5 metre mandatory height. The draft structure plans released by council in October continue to make no sense. The current RGZ is proposed to become “heritage and character housing’ of 1 to 2 storeys. All well and good for those dwellings that haven’t been destroyed and are still at this height and not the 4 storey current limit. But what does council now propose – 6-8 storeys abutting 1 and 2 storeys and in a Heritage zone!!!!

We can only hope that the VCAT member has more sense than council’s planners as occurred with the Horne Street application!