In what can only be seen as damage control, council has released its more ‘sophisticated’ analysis of overshadowing for the designated Urban Renewal areas. However, this new piece of information only contains data on Elsternwick and NOT CARNEGIE – where we remind readers, 12 storeys is also in the offing.

We’ve uploaded the document HERE

We leave it up to readers to decide whether or not much faith can be placed in these shadow drawings!

We also alert residents to the following:

In the officer’s report for both Elsternwick & Carnegie it is stated that:

protect the future open space in accordance with Council’s Open Space Strategy, with no overshadowing for a minimum of 5 hours at the September Equinox (9am to 2pm achieved) and 3 hours at Winter Solstice (11am to 2pm achieved);

Yet the newly released document states:

To ensure no overshadowing of residential areas between 9am and 3pm at the September Equinox (22nd of September).

We ask:

Which is it? 2pm or 3pm? And what potential difference does one hour make in terms of overshadowing?

Further, the peer review (dated October 2017 ) has this to say on overshadowing in Urban Renewal areas. The verbage for Elsternwick is similar.


And there’s also this concluding statement:

Overshadowing impacts to Woorayl Street Park would likely to substantially decrease the overall height and development yield of sites between Woorayl Street and Arawatta Street (to 5-6 storeys) if June 22 shadows are adopted in Guidelines, while September 22 shadows are more easily reconciled with the maximum height (with community benefits) as shown in Figure 20. This model has assumed an adoption of September 22 shadow

Thus we have a situation where council is now pretending to have listened to resident concerns by producing a document that purports to show the latest ‘analysis’ when this was already mooted 4 months ago! More to the point the decision to implement September 22nd rules and ignore the June rules isn’t to benefit residents but developers so they can cram in even higher heights!

This latest public relations exercise by council simply reinforces the fact that agendas and decisions have been well and truly made and that residents have always been the last to know about anything! The entire ‘consultation’ process has been a sham!