PS: Council has sent out letters and flyers to businesses and residences in the area. Letter dated 2nd September. The outstanding characteristic of these missives is the indecent haste that is now about to take place. For example, we are told:

1.Amendment will be ‘available’ from Thursday 5th September to Wednesday 9th October

2. Planning conference held at KINGSTON CITY HALL FUNCTION ROOMS on Thursday 10th October from 6.30 to 8.30 ‘to provide an opportunity for Councillors to hear those who have made formal submissions”.

3. Amendment to go to council meeting 23rd October

4. Directions Hearing 31st October

5. Panel hearing Monday 2nd December to Friday 13th December.

To the best of our knowledge, no other council’s planning scheme amendments have been pushed through at this rapid rate (ie it often takes months before planning panel hearings are set down). December is not an ideal time for residents either with school holidays, etc. How deliberate is this we have to ask?


Today’s Caulfield Leader features council’s advertisement for its East Village amendment (see below). Residents should note:

  • The lack of mention of any heights in the announcement
  • The similarity to the originally released documentation (ie ostensibly identical to first ‘vision’)
  • The fact that the Inkerman Road debacle will have a 6 week further consultation period but this, the biggest development in Glen Eira’s history, will have only 5 week ‘consultation’ period.
  • The insistence on a Comprehensive Development Plan (aka Caulfield Village) which means no third party objection rights once applications start coming in.
  • Nothing up on council’s website at the time of writing
  • Placing an advertisement in the Leader meant that this was ‘booked’ earlier on. Why wasn’t this included in the agenda for tonight’s meeting?
  • The VPA website includes a statement that the ‘amendment’ was handed over to council in October 2018. Hence, has council been sitting on this for nearly a year?
  • We will comment far more comprehensively once the various documents become available. However, we warn that this has all the makings of another Caulfield Village where the originally proposed development numbers of 1100 have now become closer to 2500!