Last night’s council meeting, to say the least was ‘interesting’.  All the ingredients were there: wonderful grandstanding, the inability to answer questions directly from residents, and of course, the ‘gift’ of Wynne and labor culprits to camouflage the failures of Glen Eira City Council for the past few decades. Note: we certainly are not endorsing the woeful changes introduced into planning by Wynne. But to simply pass the buck and agree to everything is not in residents’ best interests either.

Here are some of the results from last night:

  • The Nepean Highway 9 storey development was refused. Delahunty was the only councillor to vote against refusal.
  • The Hawthorn Road 4 storey (heritage) development was also refused with an unanimous vote. Suddenly heritage was important, despite the fact that in Derby Road, these same councillors allowed a 12 storey development!
  • The changes to the Bentleigh & Carnegie structure plans carried with only Magee voting against and arguing that heights should be mandatory.
  • Open space strategy lauded as wonderful as is the 8.3% levy. Of course, no one mentioned that other councils were either pursuing, or had already achieved 10% for their entire municipalities! One comment from Delahunty was instructive when she implied that 8.3% was high enough not to stop development! Here is the bottom line we suspect: a 10% levy would greatly reduce developer interest and thus put some break on development in the municipality. That’s anathema to our council!
  • In response to a public question council revealed that not too much of the 2014 open space recommendations had been achieved. Six years then of getting money and hardly anything to show for it!

Until these councillors are prepared to stand up and fight for residents, then we do not anticipate that there will be any positive changes in this municipality. The argument that everything is imposed by government does not mean that councillors and council remain silent and accepting