Here are some crucial questions that all residents should be demanding answers to:

  • Why is it in Glen Eira that the most important survey responses are not published and available for full scrutiny by residents?  All that is put into the public domain are inadequate ‘summaries’?
  • Why is it in Glen Eira that every major strategy is consigned to the ‘never-never land’ where both councillors and the community are told that the essential ‘planning controls’ will only be done sometime in the future? Yet countless policies and strategies are asked to be endorsed prior to the specifics being known – ie the Housing Strategy of late.
  • Why are survey questions so continually and abysmally poor and undoubtedly designed to elicit the required responses?
  • Why are public questions so frequently provided with responses rather than fulsome answers?
  • Why can other councils run engagement processes that are far superior to what occurs in Glen Eira? See some of our previous posts on this issue?