There has never been such a set of agenda papers as released today, which reveal in full glorious detail everything that is awry in Glen Eira. We will go through each item and pinpoint the atrocities –

Item 9.1 – 68 Kangaroo Rd Murrumbeena.

Application to extend physiotherapy centre from 2 to 5 staff; extend hours, extend car parking. Recommendation – permit be granted with reduced hours.

There were plenty of local objectors to this application and one pro-forma letter supporting application. All well and good. What is not acceptable though is the following –

Under the ‘applicant category’ we get – Susan Ross (formerly) Foresite Planning & Bushfire Consultants (currently). Exactly what does ‘formerly’ mean, or even allude to? Or is this simply council trying to camouflage the fact that Susan Ross was once upon a time employed as a council planner and that the property just happens to be owned by Jacquie Brasher’s (a current employee and strategic planner) husband? We might also query how ‘ethical’ it is for Ms Brasher, whilst still employed by council, to write to objectors?

Item 9.4 – ‘apartment boom’.

This is the ENTIRE REPORT – ‘ANONYMOUS’ reigns supreme again!


Council has distributed the attached Circular to all properties in the municipality.

It is self-explanatory.

  1. Recommendation

That the report be noted.

Now wouldn’t an apology for all the bullshit and lies be appropriate here? Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how much of ratepayer money was wasted on this fiasco?

Item 9.6 – Transport strategy – draft action plan 2015-1017.

This is the most amazing document of all time. Before we highlight the inanities, it needs to be pointed out that –

  • all references to council’s ‘Road Safety Strategy’ are a misnomer. There is NO CURRENT STRATEGY – IT EXPIRED IN 2012 AND HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED!
  • The action plan is supposed to be from 2015-2017. Yet, some of the proposed actions extend into 2018!!!!!! and even then nothing will happen because only the ‘report’ is supposed to be available.

Here are some of the ‘actions’ listed. Please note that the vast majority (which we didn’t include) involve ‘advocacy’ and even this is proposed to take years to figure out what to do! Utterly amazing! It is also stunning that it will take years to do a traffic analysis! In short, great on empty, meaningless promises and very, very short on real action!

Strategic Activit1

And by sheer coincidence we received the following photographs this morning from two alert residents in Carnegie. Doesn’t this say it all about council’s ‘road safety’ enforcement and how it clamps down on developers?

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