In another mass agenda of 929 pages, we find the following Aiden Mullen recommendation on the Inkerman Road issue. Why it should be Mullen and not Traffic department is another question!

We’ve highlighted two sections because from any reasonable standpoint they represent the continued arse backwards approach taken so often by this council. In other words, first make the decision and then come up with the evidence and/or design that will supposedly ‘endorse’ the predetermined decision. Surely concerns about “parking, safety, accessibility and amenity” come before any decision. Not after. Plus, what guarantee is council willing to provide that any of these concerns CAN BE AMELIORATED by ‘design’? What if they can’t?

There’s a lot in this agenda that will require time to take in. This of course begs the question of how many councillors have or will bother to plough through 929 pages?

There’s also another important change proposed for the planning delegations. From now on, if accepted, officers can have full rein to submit amendments under Section 20(4) of the act, WITHOUT the need for a council resolution! what this means is that more and more power is going to officers, more secrecy, and councillors are reduced to mere useless appendages!

More to come once we’ve analysed this latest council effort.