Election 2020

The Save Glen Eira (SGE) community group has published a questionnaire that is/has been distributed to all ward candidates for them to fill out if they so desire. The questions are broad ranging and we believe will assist voters in determining who to vote for. The questions cover everything from:

  • planning
  • open space
  • personal motivation and skills
  • local involvement

The full questionnaire may be accessed via this link: https://savegleneira.com.au/questionnaire-to-candidates/

SGE also intends to publish all candidate responses as they come in.

Here are the commitments made by Tony Athanasopolous’ for the 2016 elections in his candidate statement:

I believe in a council where your rates are low and you get proper service for your money. Cleaner streets. Well maintained footpaths and trees. And better local roads. I want our council to stand up for you to stop overdevelopment You deserve active representation. Your Councillor should be open and someone who fights for your equal share of our resources. I live in Carnegie and proudly run a family business, Liana James Hair & Beauty on Koornang Road. We have been in business in Glen Eira for 16 years. I am the Chairperson of the Carnegie Traders Association, I’ve worked closely with the Murrumbeena Scope House (disability support) and I’m currently the President of the Chrisalis Foundation helping people living with a disability. I’m passionate about our community and helping others. I will: fight to keep your rates low; stop over development; ensure maintenance of skyrail; provide more local parking; clean up shopping areas and be your strong voice on council. I would be honoured if you voted 1 for me and after that, consider two other outstanding candidates Jane Karslake and David Box.

Residents will need to decide how well these ‘promises’ have been carried out!

In the four years he has been on council, our reckoning is that he has missed at least 11 council meetings – that is almost a year’s worth of formal council meetings. Hence close to a 25% absentee rate. More importantly, he has voted in favour of the officer recommendations for all of the following contentious planning issues – many in the face of a huge community outcry (ie Elsternwick Structure Plan in particular):

Bentleigh structure plan

Carnegie structure plan

Elsternwick structure plan

Quality Design guidelines

Glen Huntly Structure Plan (both versions)

Parking Policy

East Village Structure Plan

Inkerman Road Bike Path

On individual planning applications, he has either moved or seconded the approval for permits on the following: (the dates indicate the respective council meetings)

1110-1112 Dandenong Road, CarnegiePart three and part four storey building comprising of 38 dwellings above two levels of basement car parking (20/12/2016)

153 Poath Road, MurrumbeenaFour storey building comprising a shop and 10 dwellings above basement car parking (20/12/2016)

360 Neerim Road, CarnegieFour storey building comprising ground floor shop and 16 dwellings (28/2/2017)

1254-1258 Glen Huntly Road, Carnegie A 6 storey building comprising a shop, cafe and 79 dwellings above a basement car park. Resolution was for 5 storeys. (21/3/2017)

248 Jasper Road, McKinnon – Four storey building comprising a food and drink premise, four (4) dwellings and the waiver of the car parking requirement for the food and drink premise. (12/4/2017)

102 & 102A Balaclava Road, Caulfield North Three storey building comprising 8 dwellings above basement car parking. (23/5/2017)

532 North Road, Ormond – Five storey building comprising a retail premises and six dwellings. (23/5/2017)

1A Kokaribb Road, Carnegie – Six storey building comprising a shop and 12 dwellings above basement. (23/5/2017)

16-18 Hamilton Street, Bentleigh 4 storey. 29 dwellings (13/6/2017)

219 Tucker Road, McKinnon – Construction of a four (4) storey building comprising of five dwellings, a shop and basement carpark; reduction of visitor and shop car parking requirements. Permit for 3 storeys. 5/9/2017

48 Thomas Street, Brighton East – 2 double storeys. 17/10/2017

27 Draper Street, McKinnon 3 double storeys 6/2/2018

11 Perth Street, Murrumbeena Construction of five (5) triple storey dwellings above a basement car park. 27/2/2018

279-281 Jasper Road, McKinnon – child care centre. 20/3/2018

45-47 KANGAROO ROAD & 33 HOWE STREET MURRUMBEENA Demolition of the existing three dwellings A total of fifteen (15) dwellings proposed including 10x three storey and 5x two storey attached townhouses   (22/5/2018)

1207 Glen Huntly Road, Glen Huntly – Construction of a part three (3), part four (4) storey building comprising a shop, office and dwelling (26/9/2018)

749-753 Glen Huntly Road, Caulfield Demolition of the existing building and construction of a 4 storey building on land within the Heritage Overlay, use of the land for the purpose of dwellings and reduction of the car parking requirement for a shop. (27/11/2018)

846-848 North Road, Bentleigh EastConstruction of fourteen (14) townhouses and alteration to a Road in Road Zone Category 1 (30/4/2019)

317 Neerim Road, Carnegie Construction of a five storey building comprising offices and dwellings and associated car parking. (13/8/2019)

456 Glen Eira road, Caulfield – 5 dwellings in NRZ (16/10/2019)

1 Foster Street, ElsternwickTo consider an application for the demolition of the existing building and construction of six double storey dwellings above basement carparking (12 OBJECTIONS) (9/6/2020)

For all of those residents who are seeking change in Glen Eira we are delighted to announce that only 4 incumbents have decided to stand again. They are:

Margaret Esakoff

Tony Athanasopolous

Ann Marie Cade, and

Jim Magee

This means that with the potential for at least 5 new councillors, things can change. Camden ward is now entirely open given the resignation of Delahunty and the fact that Silver and Sztrajt have decided not to run again.

Rosstown is still being fought for with two incumbents standing again, (Athanasopolous & Esakoff) whilst Tucker also has two councillors seeking re-election (Magee & Cade)

Please note the following:

Margaret Esakoff was first elected in 2003. That makes it 17 years straight on council. Residents should ask themselves: ‘what has she achieved’ throughout this mammoth time? If change is what people want, then in our view, 21 years should not be endorsed again.

The same could be said for Magee. First elected in 2008. What has he achieved in 12 years?

Ann Marie Cade is a third time council candidate having exchanged preferences over the past few elections with Hyams. Once more, what can she offer and what has she achieved?

Athansopolous is the most recent addition to council chambers. In his 4 years on council his voting patterns have been clearly aligned with those seeking more and more development and bike paths where they simply cause much angst and division.

Finally, we are truly delighted that Hyams has decided to call it quits. His run stretches over 14 years as a councillor and Mayor. His legacy will forever be the secret introduction of the residential zones, his support for the Caulfield Village, demolition of Frogmore, and in recent times his support for the 9 storey application for 7 Selwyn Street. All of these accomplished in the face of strong community opposition.

Unfortunately, we also find that the current crop of candidates feature more ‘faceless’ stooges standing NOT because they know a damn thing about council, and probably their community, but they are there simply to support one or other of the major political parties, or see being a councillor as the first step to a parliamentary career. We will comment on these individuals in the days to come.

What is absolutely clear however, is that the October elections are the first real opportunity for residents to voice their disapproval of what has been happening in Glen Eira for well over the past decade. So if you care about open space, overdevelopment, real community consultation, and actions that are in accord with the majority of resident wishes, then now is the time to vote out all incumbents and elect councillors who will truly represent us as ratepayers.

Below is the complete list of candidates in their ballot paper positions –








ZMOOD, Simone









OSWALD, Markus

PTOK, Gregor


HO, Kelvin





ESAKOFF, Margaret

OZA, Dev






BEILBY, Joanne




BACH, Joshua


CADE, Anne-Marie

DE’ATH, Philip

MARTIN, Declan

SANTOS, Cristina


Source: https://www.vec.vic.gov.au/voting/2020-local-council-election/elections/glen-eira-city-council/nominations

It’s somewhat of a surprise to read that a former councillor and Mayor, Neil Pilling, is seeking to stand for council again in Rosstown Ward. Residents may remember his far from auspicious departure in 2016 when he failed to gain re-election. Also worth remembering is the fact that when first elected, Pilling stood as a Green candidate. This time around he is standing as an ‘independent’.

Throughout his previous reign as a councillor, Pilling drew plenty of criticism for his stance on development, and repeatedly supporting the likes of Lipshutz, Hyams and Esakoff. In fact, he represented 25% of the four man panel that granted the MRC everything it wanted in regards to the Caulfield Village development. He was also part of the vote that decided to abandon an amendment to place the building at 1 Wahgoo Road, Carnegie under heritage protection thus ignoring over 1000 signatures that had been signed in a formal petition to council. His was the casting vote in this decision!

Here are some facts on how he voted during his previous time as a councillor. The majority of the following were either moved or seconded by Pilling.

1056-1060 DANDENONG ROAD – application was for 12 storeys and 173 dwellings. Esakoff and Pilling moved motion for 8 storeys and 97 dwellings. The motion was carried on the vote of the chairman (Hyams). VCAT then awarded the developer the 12 storeys.

451-453 SOUTH ROAD BENTLEIGH – 5 storeys, 12 units

2 MORTON AVENUE, CARNEGIE – 6 storeys, 40 dwellings

30-32 Ames Avenue, Carnegie – 13 double storeys

115-125 Poath Road Murrumbeena – 4 storeys, 33 dwellings

67-73 Poath Road MURRUMBEENA – 5 and 6 storeys, 30 dwellings

401-407 Neerim Road Carnegie – 5 storeys, 57 units

144 Hawthorn Road CAULFIELD NORTH – 6 storeys 40 dwellings. Pilling voted against refusing this application.

2-4 Penang Street MCKINNON – 3 storey, 24 units. Pilling voted against refusing this application

15-17 Belsize Avenue & 316-320 Neerim Road CARNEGIE – 4 storeys, 52 units.

22-26 Bent Street BENTLEIGH – 4 storeys, 41 units

29-33 Loranne Street BENTLEIGH – 4 storeys, 42 units

168 Hotham Street ELSTERNWICK – application was for 7 storeys, 104 dwellings. Motion became 5 storeys and 78 dwellings

64-66 Bent Street MCKINNON –3 & 4 storey, 31 dwellings. Pilling voted against refusal of permit

1240-1248 Glen Huntly Road CARNEGIE – 6 storeys, 117 dwellings

27 and 29 Jasper Road BENTLEIGH – 3 storeys, 25 units

629-631 Glen Huntly Road CAULFIELD – 4 storeys, 25 units

337-343 Balaclava Road CAULFIELD NORTH- 3 storey 32 units

1 WAHGOO ROAD, CARNEGIE – voted to abandon amendment to go to panel regarding Heritage protection. Pilling used his casting vote here.

5-7 Nepean Hwy ELSTERNWICK – part 4 and 5 storey, 53 units

23 Bent Street BENTLEIGH – 4 storey, 34 units

670-672 CENTRE ROAD & 51 BROWNS ROAD BENTLEIGH EAST – part 3 and 5 storey, 67 dwellings

There are plenty more, but what voters need to ask themselves is pretty clear – is this candidate worthy of your vote?

With council elections looming fast, we will be presenting information on all candidates as this becomes available.

First cab off the rank is an interview conducted by Gary Max (“Talking to the Max”) on the local radio station J’Air (J’air.com.au). It features Simone Zmood who is standing as an independent in Camden Ward.


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